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Who we are

Elysium started as a desire to have a place where everyone could come together and play games, which blossomed into a dream between a couple of friends.

After 25+ years in the Denver gaming community, we finally saw our chance to pull together the best parts of our favorite local game stores and create something special and unique. We believe there are four major things a great game store should provide for the community:

First, we wanted to curate a collection of amazing games for purchase and for rent.

Whether it’s a rare gem or your new family pastime, whether you’re renting for the evening or bringing home your next all-time favorite, we want everyone to know they’ll find something they’ll love at Elysium.

Second, we had to have the space to hold big events.

We think gaming is something that should be enjoyed with great company, and a thriving game community is what keeps us coming back for more. We want our space to be not just a place to spend time with your best buddies, but a place to meet new friends too.

Third, we want to provide awesome food and drink to keep you going through your marathon gaming session.

When we imagine our ideal game night, there are always plenty of snacks and drinks to go around!

Finally, we wanted a place where you will feel welcome no matter your game of choice.

Games should be fun for all, not elitist or cliquey. Our goal is for you to enjoy the time you spend at Elysium whether you’re into card games, board games, war games, D&D, LARP, or almost anything else under the sun.

All these things together are what we think make Elysium special, and we hope whether you stop in to see us or shop our web store you’ll agree with our vision. 

The choices we make

Our Menu

I have a long history of Italian and Mediterranean food. I’ve been in the restaurant business off and on for over 25 years. My first kitchen job was at age 13. My first adult job after high school was making pizzas. In my late 20’s I married into an Italian family that taught me even more about food. I just keep coming back to Mediterranean cuisine. The simplest ingredients can elicit such bright, rich flavors. That’s the perspective I’ve brought to designing the menu at Elysium.

I’ve been eating mostly gluten free for over a decade now. Why? Shortly after I started dating my wife, she was diagnosed with Celiac disease, the name for an actual gluten allergy. This was at the height of the gluten free trend, so it made gluten free food options much easier to find. What I discovered along the way is that GOOD gluten free options are fewer and farther between. Most breads taste like mealy cardboard. Pastas fall apart when cooked. The food landscape is a mess with everyone trying to capitalize on the trend.

Going out to eat was always a gamble. There were many times that we went out to eat at a restaurant and neither the wait staff or the kitchen staff even knew what Celiac was. She kept getting sick from places that purported to be gluten free. I learned that the only way to really deal with this was to cook at home, or find dedicated gluten free establishment.

That’s what I aim to offer here. A place where someone with an allergy can eat, and feel safe doing so. That’s why our menu is entirely gluten free, chosen for quality from a local bakery. I still know what real bread tastes like and I feel confident that you won’t be disappointed. There are also no nuts in any of our recipes for the same reason. Simple recipes, fresh ingredients, quality food.

Our drinks are influenced by the same ethos. That’s why we offer so many sugar-free flavor options for drinks. That’s why we offer different milk substitutes. That’s also why we don’t charge extra for those milk substitutes. Nobody should pay extra because they want to eat or drink healthier. Many of us in the gaming community have gotten used to frozen pizzas and hot pockets being the only food available at our local game stores. We can do better. We can BE better.

Wayne Trout – General Manager

Everything we do at Elysium is driven by the desire to build a better community.