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Rules of Conduct

Elysium really has just one rule: be nice and respect others. This is a family friendly community.

There will be people of all ages in the store, so keep the swearing and inappropriate subjects to a minimum. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave. This extends to inappropriate playmats and sleeves. If you think something you’re using might be inappropriate, it probably is. Put it away. Part of being respectful to others also includes personal grooming.

No pets allowed. While this may be a game store, it’s also a restaurant. It’s a food safety issue, so please don’t argue to be an exception to the rule. Pets are allowed at outside tables. Registered service animals are ok. We ask that if you’re planning on being part of a gaming group and you need your service animal in the store for an extended period, just call ahead and we can reserve a space for you away from the café area where your animal will be safe.

Absolutely no drugs or alcohol allowed. There will be a designated smoking area outside. There will also be no vaping allowed inside. This falls under the “respect others” part of being here.