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Games We’re Backing

These Kickstarter or Gamefound projects are getting more and more expensive. It's getting harder and harder to afford these new games. These are the ones that we’re currently watching. Please inquire with us if you’re interested in preordering any of these titles. Does a game or project look awesome, but is too far out of your price range? Check out our Back With Us program.

Back With Us

How it works: Back With Us works with projects we are already backing, or if at least 10 people are interested in a project. We ask that you either pay half of the pledge level you want up front, or $100, whichever is less. You can make payments at your convenience. We will add an additional pledge to our order. Pay the other half, plus a subsidized shipping fee, only when the project ships and you pick it up from us. If you decide you don't want it after it ships, we'll refund your deposit and your game goes up for sale at the store. If you decide you don't want it at any time during the wait for the project, we will refund your deposit minus 10% of the total cost of the pledge. Kickstarter keeps 7-8% automatically, so nobody can get that back). This program is designed to help the average gamer or gaming group afford larger, more expensive projects without breaking the bank.

Can't I just back the project myself?

You can! We're not stopping you from supporting campaigns you feel strongly about. What we DO offer is a reduction in shipping costs, a layaway program, a refund policy that doesn't make you want to pull your hair out, and a chance to get games you missed the campaigns for.

Games We’ve Backed

All these titles are available, one way or another, at the store. Some may no longer be available for sale, but Elysium keeps a copy of each for our game library.