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BRIO Labyrinth Game

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Maneuver the steel ball through the wooden maze without falling into any of the holes. The surface may have numerous tiny pits and bumps, making the behavior of the ball all the more erratic, but that arguably adds to the challenge. An unplugged precursor to video games.


Introducing the BRIO World 34020 Labyrinth Game, a classic favorite that has been engaging players since 1946. This skill-enhancing puzzle game is designed to develop motor skills, concentration, perception, reasoning, and most importantly, patience. The goal is to guide the steel ball through the maze using the handles, scoring more points the closer you get to the goal. But be careful, move the board too abruptly, and the ball might fall through a hole. The game includes additional boards of varying difficulty levels, making it suitable for players of different skill sets. Ideal for kids, teens, and adults aged 6 and up, it’s a fun-filled, stimulating activity for all.

Experience the timeless appeal of the BRIO Labyrinth Game, a game that has been fascinating players across generations.