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Cat Crimes


Tangled yarn and a missing bird… which of the six furry friends was responsible for each crime? With a little problem solving you’ll be able to use paw prints, toy placement and other clues to figure out exactly where each Cat was sitting at the time of the crime.


Step into the amusing world of ThinkFun’s Cat Crimes, a popular logic game that both kids and adults adore. This game offers a unique combination of fun gameplay and intellectual challenge, making it an ideal gift for puzzle enthusiasts and smart game lovers. The game comes with 60 increasingly difficult challenges that range from beginner to expert, making it a thrilling experience for all skill levels. As players solve the puzzles, they unknowingly enhance their critical thinking skills, which are tied to STEM subjects like math and formal logic. The game includes a game board, 6 cat pieces, 6 crime tokens, and 40 challenges, all made with high quality, durable components. The vibrant, hilarious cat themed artwork adds an additional layer of charm to the game. With a clear and easy-to-understand instruction manual, you can dive into the game within minutes of opening the box. Choose Cat Crimes for a game that’s more than just fun – it’s a brain-building journey of logic and reasoning.