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Chronicles of Crime the Millennium Series 1400


It is the year 1400 and you are Abelard Lavel, a knight living in Paris. Since you were a child strange prophetic dreams of past and future crimes have haunted you. You managed to put your power to good use, solving mysteries that nobody else could.Chronicles of Crime 1400 is a stand-alone, cooperative game of crime investigation. Using San & Play technology to mix digital and board games, it allows for many crime investigation stories to be told with the same components.Interrogate the suspects, collect evidence, and arrest the murderer before you run out of time!


  • TIME-TRAVELING DETECTIVE GAME: Embark on a thrilling journey through time to solve mysteries in the 15th century with this captivating board game.
  • IMMERSIVE INVESTIGATION: Utilize the free smartphone app to dive deep into the historical setting and gather crucial clues.
  • COOPERATIVE GAMEPLAY: Work together with your team to investigate crime scenes, question witnesses, and solve complex cases.
  • MULTIPLE SCENARIOS: Explore different historical events and characters as you uncover secrets and untangle intricate plots.
  • REPLAYABLE ADVENTURE: With dynamic storytelling and random elements, each playthrough offers a fresh challenge and unique experience.