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Circuit Maze


Circuit Maze TM is a puzzle that uses electricity. To play, you have to build a path on the board from the beginning. Once you have rebuilt the system and remembered all the light modules, you want to win! Circuit Maze is a challenge and a great fun. An electrical contract in search a state as to really work electricity. During the game you will know the principle of electrical activity through the electrical system.


Circuit Maze from ThinkFun is a puzzle game using real electrical currents and circuit logic. In a time when science careers are on the rise, the need for skilled engineers, and the desire for more science knowledge in the new generation is high, ThinkFun is on a mission to be a source for that knowledge growth. The gamification of learning in apps and in classrooms leads to a new crop of board games as well. Circuit Maze is one of these games, but is it fun and can it teach?

The answer is, wholeheartedly, YES! With 60 different challenges ranging from very easy to expert. This truly is a game with an age range from 8 to….. your second 25th birthday. Adults have just as much fun puzzling out the challenges as children.

This game is mostly a solo game. However, in my (the man behind the curtain) opinion, two minds are better than one. The challenge cards do not have hints, and the temptation to turn the card over and see the answer is very strong when stumped. However, a gentle nudge in the right direction from someone who understands or positive reinforcement from someone who may not can keep that motivation going strong 💪. Pairing up different age ranges works well. There is no time limit or limited number of tries, which leaves room for house rules to easily incorporate a competition or make it even more challenging for yourself.

Who knows, maybe this could be the butterfly breeze (an interest in STEM) that grows into a love of STEM and finally a STEM Career tornado.

Play together and be blown away by what can be achieved!