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Dice and Slice


It’s time for a pizza party, and everybody wants a slice! InĀ Dice and Slice, you roll the custom Dice to slice up your very own pizza! Use your Pencil to copy dots and lines from the Dice onto your Scoresheet, making “cuts” in your pizza. Slice the biggest pieces possible and add the right toppings to score big and WIN!


Why just eat pizza when you can play with your food? This isn’t just a game–it’s a pizza party in a box!! Welcome to Dice and Slice the hottest, most scrumptiously strategic dice game to ever come fresh from the oven. In Dice and Slice, it’s a flavorful frenzy as players roll to dice and slice the largest pieces on their scoresheet. No other game lets you pit your mind and wit against friends, family, or pizza-loving strangers. Strategically take the dice you want and assign the other to players and bonus points scored for toppings included in slices. Dice your scoreboard up to the largest slices to win the most points, Perfect for family game night, a pizza party with friends, and all dice game lovers. You’ll knead this game on your shelf faster than it takes to order extra cheese. Get ready to serve up some sizzling strategies because victory is a dish best served hot! Disclaimer: Any scoresheets cannot be consumed no matter how big and delicious they look. If you try to eat anything, we suggest you order a real pizza!