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Welcome to the enchanting world of Dixit New Edition, the beloved storytelling board game that invites you and your friends and family to unleash your imagination. In Dixit, every player takes a turn being the storyteller, choosing a card and giving a creative clue for it, whether it’s a word, a phrase, or even a song. The challenge lies in the other players selecting their own cards that best match the storyteller’s clue, leading to a fascinating display of creativity and deduction. What sets the Dixit New Edition apart are its enhanced components and gameplay features. Designed for up to 8 players, this edition ensures that more friends and family can join in on the fun. The modernized voting materials, including ambidextrous dials, make casting your guesses even more intuitive and engaging. With the addition of a new scoring board and card placement system, along with a handy scoring aid, tracking the game’s progress has never been easier or more visually appealing. But the improvements don’t stop there. The Dixit New Edition also comes with a thoughtfully designed cardboard tray, providing a perfect storage solution for the base game and up to two expansions. This means your Dixit universe can grow while remaining organized and ready for play at a moment’s notice. At the heart of Dixit’s charm is its vibrant, dreamlike artwork that captivates and inspires. Each card is a doorway to a new story, waiting for your unique interpretation. This, coupled with the game’s simple rules and deep strategic possibilities, ensures that Dixit offers unlimited replay ability. Whether you’re looking for a light-hearted game night with family, a creative challenge among friends, or a beautiful addition to your board game collection, Dixit New Edition promises an unforgettable experience that will keep you coming back for more. Let your imagination soar and discover the magic of Dixit today.


Each turn in Dixit, one player is the storyteller, chooses one of the six cards in their hand, then makes up a sentence based on that card’s image and says it out loud without showing the card to the other players. Each other player then selects the card in their hand that best matches the sentence and gives the selected card to the storyteller, without showing it to anyone else.

The storyteller shuffles their card with all of the received cards, then reveals all of these cards. Each player other than the storyteller then secretly guesses which card belongs to the storyteller. If nobody or everybody guesses the correct card, the storyteller scores 0 points, and each other player scores 2 points. Otherwise, the storyteller and whoever found the correct answer score 3 points. Additionally, the non-storyteller players score 1 point for every vote received by their card.

The game ends when the deck is empty or if a player has scored at least 30 points. In either case, the player with the most points wins.

The Dixit base game and each expansion contains 84 cards, and the cards can be mixed together as desired.