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Gravitrax: The Game Impact


  • Put your spatial and logic skills to work puzzling out the exciting challenges in “GraviTrax The Game: Impact” — fun for marble run pros and newbies alike! With only the start and finish positions given, can you construct a connecting track with all the specified pieces? Build more intricate tracks as you progress through the 30 tasks, solo or with friends. Includes a Hammer accessory (compatible with all GraviTrax sets) for hard-hitting brainteasing tests. Portable fun you can play anywhere!


  • Solve the tricky and fun challenge by working out how to get the ball from start to finish!
  • Playing through the challenges builds reasoning and planning skills and provides a great stealth learning experience for young players. Brilliant STEM toy and puzzle game
  • GraviTrax The Game is suitable for 1+ players and is suitable for ages 8 years up. Great Kids Christmas gifts, birthday presents or Easter activities for kids
  • Includes 1x Instruction & Solution Booklet, 30x Task Cards, 3x Hexagonal Floor Tiles, 4x Large Height Tiles, 7x Curve Tiles, 1x Starting Tile, 1x Finishing Tile, 1x Marble, 1x Hammer Accessory, 1x Crossing Tile, 1x Base Tile, 2x Long Plastic Rails, 2x Medium Plastic Rails, 3x Short Plastic Rails
  • Comes with clear instructions to start playing this logic brain game straight away. GraviTrax products are made with premium quality materials adhering to the highest UK and EU standards and regulations