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Kids Chronicles: Old Oak Prophecy


  • COOPERATIVE FAMILY FUN: Enjoy an adventure-filled mystery investigation game designed for families.
  • FOREST IN PERIL: An ancient prophecy foretells danger in the woods, and your bravery is needed to save it.
  • SOLVE MYSTERIES: Each scenario presents a unique mystery to solve, granting valuable items for battling a destructive Robot.
  • IMMERSIVE INTERACTION: Utilize Scan&Play technology with QR codes on game components, revealing clues and stories on your mobile device.
  • MULTIPLE STORIES: Delve into five distinct adventures, each lasting 30 to 45 minutes, and collect magical Moon Stones on your journey.


Cooperative family game of adventure and mystery investigation, mixing a board game and app. An old prophecy says that danger is coming to the forest, and only the bravest people will be able to save this peaceful place. In each scenario players will face a mystery. Solving the mystery will earn them an object which can be used in the battle against the Robot that is destroying the forest. Each scenario offers a unique adventure story. Players work together to solve the mystery and the story develops as you collect items and talk with Characters you meet along the way. Each completed story will grant you one of the magical Moon Stones. Once you have collected all four of them you will reach your goal of becoming magicians and enter the final story of the game!