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Level 8


Be the first to collect the crazy combinations of colors and numbers needed to reach Level 8. A simple, quick game perfect for families and card game lovers of all ages! Race to collect pairs, triples, and runs of increasing difficulty as you level up. Complete Level 8 first to win!


Even more Fun for Level 8-Fans!

Again it’s about to collect cards, lay out cards, and get closer to the victore level by level. Now with new, challenging tasks and various interesting action cards! Who lays out the required combination first? Who finishes all 8 level first and wins?

Each player starts with a hand of 10 cards and has the task of Level 1 to lay out. Each turn the player has 3 actions in the following order:
1. He must draw a new card from the draw pile or other players discard pile.
2. He can lay out all needed cards to fullfill his task. After he fullfilled his task, he can lay out additional cards to each players display each round.
3. He must discard one card from his hand or play an action card.

The player discarding his last card in step 3 wins the round and goes up 2 Levels, each other player who fullfilled his task goes up one level. The new round beginns.

The player finishing Level 8 first wins the game.