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Math Path Monster


Teamwork and math skills equal victory in the co-operative gameĀ Math Path Monster. Deep in the mountains, players stumble upon the Math Monster’s lair and must beat him in an epic race to the cave entrance. Kids develop teamwork and collaboration as they unite to outsmart the Math Monster by using addition and subtraction. Can you and your team outwit the monster before it catches up?


Looking for a board game that’s both education and pulsating fun math racing? Look no further! Math Path Monster is the cooperative game that turns math into an epic race to the entrance of the cave. Deep in the mountain lies the Math Monster’s lair and as soon as you discover them, you and your friends race them to the entrance of the cave. Foster teamwork and collaboration as players unite to outsmart the monster using addition and subtraction. Perfect for kids 5 and up and enjoyable for grown-ups to play as well! Become math whizzes while racing a monster to the cave’s mouth. Who knew math could be this MONSTERously fun?